Themed Pathfinder Pawn Sets

I would love to see sets of Pathfinder Pawns that focus on environment types. The Pathfinder Pawn sets for each Adventure Path are pretty close (there's one for the arctic, one with pirates for the high seas, etc), but not all of the Adventure Paths have gotten the pawn treatment. Still, I don't think it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to see pawn sets by theme. I'd love to see...
  • Underdark Pawns
  • Fiendish Pawns
  • Undead Pawns
  • Goblinoid Pawns
  • Elemental Pawns
Maybe these sets would be too specific to sell well? I'm not sure... in the meantime, I'm just hoping they'll go back and do a pawns set for Second Darkness!
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