Underdark Campaign Log #13

In this week's session, we picked up with our heroes chasing lizardfolk kidnappers through the sewers of Dagger Falls, hoping to catch the lizardfolk before they escaped with their employer's treasured bag of holding.

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  • Kjell, Dhampir Inquisitor (Andrew) 
  • Blue, Human Fighter (Jake) 
  • Rurik, Dwarf Barbarian (Stetson) 
  • Mercy, Half-Orc Ranger (Jammie)
After the group dispatched the tendriculos that attacked them, Rurik headed straight for the passageway he had seen lizardfolk head into. Crashing through the door, he found a room with eight other doors, two ladders leading to trap doors in the ceiling, and a stairwell up to yet another door. With no enemies in sight, he headed up the stairwell and smashed into that door as well. After several tries with the door not budging at all, Mercy finally convinced him to follow her lead: the ranger could tell exactly which door the lizardfolk had gone through.

Through the door Mercy suggested, they encountered a trio of lizardfolk in a room full of practice dummies, bashing the wooden mannequins with their clubs. The group sprang into action, and felled two of the lizards before they even realized that this room was connected to another with more of the lizards heading their way. A second wave of lizardfolk included spellcasteres. Moments later, the giant-sized lizard king burst through a nearby door, coming to defend his lair after hearing the sounds of battle.

When the dust settled, the heroes found themselves in a barracks of sorts that was clearly not built for these lizardfolk, but found no exits from the area, no kidnapped citizens of Dagger Falls, and no bag of holding.. They spent some time searching the room, and then going back through the other areas, where most of the doors they passed were actually traps set for anyone not familiar with the layout of the place.

In their searches, they kept noticing a large rat scurrying about. They ignored it at first, but Rurik eventually decided to try to catch it. When he did, the rat began transforming in his grasp, and he found himself rolling around on the floor not with a giant rat, but with a man-sized rat-like humanoid. "Let go of me, you fool!" it kept crying out.

Of course, Rurik didn't comply, and it took a command spell from Kjell to get him to let the creature go. When he did, it immediately retreated to the corner of the room and drew a sword, but just held it out defensively between itself and the dwarf. The rat man went on to explain that he had been watching them since they came in, and that if they were enemies of the lizards, they were friends of his. The lizardfolk had invaded his home and killed all of his friends. The only reason he escaped was because he turned into a rat and was able to hide. Since then, he's barely been able to survive, eating scraps and trying his best to avoid the lizardfolk. While scurrying about as a rat, he learned that the captives were being ferried downstream in boats.

Kjell invited him to join the party, and he accepted, agreeing to travel with them for a time. He had been trying to escape the lizards for some time, but with powerful allies at his side, he might be able to exact some revenge.

The group took to the boats, which were tied to a dock in the same room the tendriculos had attacked them. They traveled downstream, and eventually the sewer system connected to a cave where other sources of water converged and diluted the sewer muck. Several other groups of lizard men attacked them as they traveled, but each time the heroes emerged relatively unscathed.

Farther down the path, the stream flowed over a cliff, and into a lower chamber. In the room below, the water flowed over the edge of a large hole in the floor, and could be heard crashing into a larger body of water somewhere below. Beyond the hole in the ground, another giant lizardfolk stood over the bodies of several dead humans. This one wore robes, and had several other lizardfolk spellcasters at his side in addition to guards. As soon as he saw the heroes who had been pursuing him, he fired a fiery ray at Kjell, and Rurik charged.

During the fight, Blue, Rurik, and Sindri (the wererat), were all paralyzed for a time by the spellcasters' magic. Unfortunately for Rurik, he found himself paralyzed near lizardfolk who weren't able to attack anyone else, and they took the time to make sure he didn't wake up. The battle ended as the lizardfolk leader escaped by leaping down into the hole. With a man down and feeling quite weary, the group decided it would be safer to return to the surface and rest.

Kjell "convinced" Hadrogh the merchant (through intimidation) to use his connections to have Rurik raised from the dead, agreeing to forfeit Rurik's share of their pay in order to pay for the spell. The next morning, with the dwarf walking at their side again, the heroes headed back down into the underdark.

The water falling through the hole in the cavern collected in a deep pool in a chamber below, and not long after they entered, a curious fellow greeted them. This svirfneblin (deep gnome) seemed to walk through the wall itself before speaking to them, and seemed to know that they were the ones pursuing the lizardfolk. He explained to them that the lizards worked for a much greater evil, and that he was worried they might stir it up and cause trouble for his people. However, if they could defeat it, this region of the underdark would be far safer, and given their successes against the lizards so far, he was willing to risk giving them a hand.

The heroes followed him through a long tunnel, and finally arrived at the home of the svirfneblin, a small town of giant hollowed mushrooms concealed by an illusionary wall. Inside their guide's mushroom hut, the gnome told of how he had been scouting the nearby underdark, and that he could provide them with a map of the area. He produced a piece of parchment with this drawn on it:

Next time, we'll pick up with the group and their new map. Will they be able to track down the lizardfolk?
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