Underdark Campaign Log #14

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More of Jake's artwork here.
  • Kjell, Dhampir Inquisitor (Andrew) 
  • Blue, Human Fighter (Jake) 
  • Rurik, Dwarf Barbarian (Stetson) 
  • Mercy, Half-Orc Ranger (Jammie)
  • Sindri, Wererat Rogue (NPC, controlled by Andrew)
Our heroes suddenly found themselves in the middle of a domestic dispute between the svirfneblin scout who helped them and his wife, who was clearly upset at him for bringing strangers into their home. When she grabbed the map and Rurik tackled her, the scout drew his swords, Kjell tried to intimidate everyone into calming down, and Mercy ended up having to magically entangle the whole room in order to stop the madness.

Once everyone calmed down, they agreed to take a copy of the map instead of the original, with the home of the gnomes left off so that their location wouldn't be given away if it fell into the wrong hands... but in return, the heroes would need to clear out some nearby trolls that were making the scout's life difficult.

Inside the troll lair, the heroes dispatched several of the beasts quickly, and even defeated a troll spellcaster without much difficulty. To their surprise, the troll spellcaster had a bunch of "scrolls" of animal hide, and seemed to be a worshiper of the dark son of Tiamat. This oddity turned quite dangerous when they continued exploring the lair, finding that this "dark son" was not a deity at all, but a real shadow dragon who intended to make them its new minions... or its lunch if they refused.

While Mercy seemed unsure what to do, and Kjell tried to convince the dragon that he was its father, Rurik outright refused to be a minion and threatened it. Meanwhile, Blue bowed down to the creature and even moved as if to defend it from Rurik, but turned on the dragon at the last minute as he and the dwarf charged at the same time. The dragon was fierce, and killed poor Sindri with its dragon breath before it finally went down, but the party found themselves victorious in the end, and in a room so full of coins they couldn't possibly transport it all.

After deciding to bury most of the coins (and bury Sindri as well, though in a different location), they headed back to the svirfneblin town and showed off their troll trophies to the scout. In return, he handed over the map, as promised. They headed out toward the City of the Glass Pool, and decided to take the path through the lair of the grells rather than try to make it through the razor rock unscathed.

What they found in the grell lair was unexpected... the creatures had already been killed. After carefully searching the cave, they found little to explain who killed the grells, but it was clear that there were two sets of footprints leaving the area: a single set of human-sized boot prints heading back the way they came from, and lizardfolk footprints leading down the tunnel in the direction of the City of the Glass Pool. 

Naturally, they followed the lizardfolk footprints, since they have the bag of holding that Hadrogh (their employer) so desperately wants back. Unfortunately, their path carried them through the lair of a creature they were ill-equipped to face, a purple worm.

After just a few seconds of the fight, the group decided on a tactical retreat. Several characters were significantly injured, and most of their initial attacks failed to penetrate the worm's chitinous plates. After a few moments of indecision, they decided to charge through the tunnel as a group, and hope they could get though before it snagged anyone.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the purple worm from
War of the Dragon Queen. There are other options out there,
(this one, for example), but this one is my personal favorite.
The plan failed... at least initially.

Blue was the first to charge, willing to put himself in danger for his friends in heroic fashion. While the rest of the group sprinted by, Blue was bitten by the worm, lifted from his feet, and swallowed whole.

Luckily, he was able to cut himself out from the inside, and run down the tunnel to join his friends on the far side of the purple worm's tunnel.

Next time, we'll see if the group can finally catch up to the lizardfolk and retrieve that stolen bag of holding.
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