Azandir Campaign Log #3

I'm trying something a little different with this particular campaign log... turning it into an actual log of what happened from Telamar's point of view.

  • Fash - Whisper Gnome Fighter-Rogue (Stetson)
  • Kid Curry - Halfling Fighter-Rogue (Jake)
  • Snapdragon - Kender Wizard-Alchemist (Jammie)
  • Telamar - Half-Drow Ranger-Cleric (Me)
  • Fjury - Human Fighter-Paladin (Jake)
  • Master Meatbeard - Human Fighter-Rogue (James)
We had been out of the city for only a few days, and things already felt safer, even with the wolves harassing us as we made our way through the canyons. We made camp just before setting out on a road through a vast plain... even more open sky than I grew accustomed to when I roamed the Dalelands, but still bearable. At some point during the night, the halfling disappeared. Nobody seemed too attached to her, though. Even the kender seemed more concerned about the diamond that she "found" than the fact that the halfling was missing.

Dog, on the other hand, is taking to the group quite well. He seems to like the kender most, but she feeds him constantly, and I wonder if he'll take a bite of her hand if she's ever short on food when he's hungry. We'll see if this surface wolf is strong enough to survive if I ever make it home to my people.

The next morning, we traveled several hours on the road on the trail of this Zanben Hawklight that we're supposed to be tracking down. I wish I knew who he was... if he can stand against those creatures falling from the sky in Celestia, he must be a powerful man. Walking into his home without knowledge of who he is or what he's capable of makes me nervous.

We eventually saw smoke in the distance, several columns rising into the sky. We hurried forward to investigate, but I encouraged the gnome to scout it out. I was sure he wouldn't be spotted. He's so stealthy he makes me uncomfortable, sometimes hiding behind me when I'm not paying attention. I've seen more than one drow fall to betrayal, and if that is ever to be my fate, I don't want the embarrassment of knowing the traitor could barely reach high enough to stab me in the back. The more he scouts ahead, the more comfortable I'll be.

The gnome stumbled onto a battle when he entered the town, an odd pair of humans surrounded by what looked like undead drow. One was some kind of holy warrior, but devoted to a god I'd never heard of. The other looked like a pirate, but looked much more outlandish than those I've heard about roaming the Sword Coast. He even had a sword-leg instead of a peg-leg, which actually sounds like something a drow would do if he survived losing a limb. Such resilience is respectable, even from a human.

Between the five of us, we put them down pretty quickly. The town itself looked to have been destroyed a day or more before, as the fires had mostly burnt themselves out, and what fruits were still there in the market were beginning to rot in the heat of the sun. The two humans mentioned something about vanquishing evil, and the holy warrior even suggested traveling on to Celestia to destroy the evil falling from the sky. I managed to convince him that finding Zanben was the key to vanquishing that evil, not charging headlong into an unwinnable fight, and he saw at least some truth in that... although I wonder if he would have agreed if I had not been wearing the guise of a surface elf.

A group of five now, we continued on the road. Later in the day we came to an inn called the Knave's Pipe. Two female warriors (an elf and a half-orc) intercepted us as we approached, asking us who we were and whether or not we had seen any undead. Luckily, the kender told our story in such a way that either charmed them enough or annoyed them enough to ask no further questions, and they ushered us in.

Inside the old run down inn, we encountered other adventuring types. The most interesting was the bartender, who tried to speak to me in drow sign language. She must have had acute senses to have seen through my hat of disguise, but the illusion is never perfect. Perhaps I said something that tipped my hand...

Regardless, the bartender described the next leg of our journey to find Zanben Hawklight. She described a fork in the road a half day's travel ahead, where we would need to take the path to the right and enter a forest. After taking the time to cast some restorative magic on my newfound companions, we rested for the night on beds paid for by Snapdragon.

The next day, I was glad to take the road into the forest, where we followed a winding trail through the trees. If I'm going to be on the surface, the confines of a thick forest suit me much better than the open plains. We paused when we heard voices ahead, and crept up to investigate. They were speaking in elvish, but some archaic dialect that was tough for any of us to understand. It sounded like they were talking about standing guard, which puzzled me. On such a remote forest trail with nothing in sight to guard, something told me they knew we were coming. I'll need to be more vigilant about covering our tracks so we're tougher to follow.

There were five of them in a clearing not too far away, and these looked like living versions of the drow we fought back in the burning village. Drow is probably the wrong word, but since these were elves with skin not much different from my father's, I'm using it for now. The battle was brutal, as both humans kept our foes' attention away from us as rained bolts and bombs and darkfire onto them. I thought these humans might fall in short order to trained drow, but their unorthodox fighting styles (throwing swords, swinging through trees, etc.) proved surprisingly effective.

I think the wolf has earned the privilege of a name. He stood by my side and guarded me even when my companions were in danger, proof that he is loyal. Instead of Dog, I believe I'll call him Abban (the drow word for "not-an-enemy" that is often mistakenly translated as "ally"). I'm still leery of the rest of my companions, particularly that gnome, but it makes sense to keep them around as long as we have common enemies.

Now we look for a place to rest, hoping that tomorrow we find this Zanben Hawklight, and that he has some answers.
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