Kickstarter: FitXP

I am no fitness buff by any stretch of the imagination. As I cruise into my early thirties, I find myself vacillating between being content with my middle-age self, and longing for the glory days of playing ball for more than thirty minutes without panting. To what do I owe my declining fitness level? I blame it on days that don't have enough hours in them. My hectic work schedule often makes me choose between playing intellectual games (like RPGs) and staying physically fit. The older I get, the easier it is to choose the more sedentary option.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto FitXP, a roleplaying game that claims it will help me get back into shape by turning my workouts into feats of dragon slaying and other heroic deeds. It might be completely bogus, but there's a chance this is pure genius... and it's a chance that might be worth taking.

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