Technology Guide Added to the Pathfinder Reference Document

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I always get excited when content is added to the Pathfinder Reference Document... or released as OGL material in any capacity, really. This particular update is even better because I've been dreaming up a science fiction setting (Alpha Enigma), and this gives even more material to use that I can incorporate in an official capacity if I ever choose to publish my work.

Here's a quick rundown of Pathfinder Reference Document changes...

  • The format of the PRD website was updated, and I really like the new version. It's kind of bland looking compared to the old setup, but it's more user friendly as well.
  • New skills, including new crafting rules
  • New feats and archetypes for character creation (although there are only a handful of archetypes, one each for the fighter, cleric, rogue, barbarian, and gunslinger).
  • The Technomancer, a prestige class for arcane casters who want to focus on manipulating technology. (Curiously, the save progression seems to match 3.5 prestige classes rather than the usual Pathfinder progression... maybe something Paizo folks should fix. I doubt it was done that way intentionally.)
  • New spells... and I think every class is represented, even the druid (correct me if I'm wrong, please)
  • Plenty of new equipment, including cybertech and pharmaceuticals
  • A section on hazards, which includes glitches, radiation, traps, skymetal, and other rules
  • Artificial intelligences
  • Artifacts (including powered armor!)
I've only skimmed so far, but so far I like what I see.
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