The Goings-on at Outsyder Gaming

This humble little blog was chugging along pretty steadily straight through the spring and summer, with posts on every single weekday and occasionally on Saturdays. Even though some of those only served to highlight someone else's awesomeness rather than share some of my own, I liked being on a schedule and having content almost every day.
  • On Mondays, I've been trying to share some description of a game I played in the previous week, which usually meant a campaign log for one of my group's Pathfinder games. Honestly, this is more for my group than for a broader Internet audience, but they're fun to write and they help me remember important stuff. 
  • On Fridays, I post a bunch of links to stuff I stumbled across that I thought was awesome during the week. It's simple, but it works.
  • Between the game recap and the link dump, I try to write two "real" posts, as well as highlight a product that I'm excited about (usually on Kickstarter).
It's August now, though, and I'm a school counselor in real life. That means things just got significantly busier for me. I've missed a few posts in the last week or two, but I can deal with that. I should be posting Azandir Campaign Log #4 today, but I'm not. Last week's Monday post was riddled with typos and careless errors, and that I can't deal with. I need to take a step back from the content schedule I've maintained for the better part of 2014. I prefer to post daily, but if the quality of those posts suffers because I don't have the time to write well (or proofread), it just isn't worth it.

I'll probably be more inconsistent in the coming weeks, but I want to make sure that when I do post, it isn't just random filler. Hopefully things will settle down in the next few weeks and I'll settle into a decent routine again. 
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