Azandir Campaign Log #5

Fash - Whisper Gnome Fighter-Rogue (Stetson)
Snapdragon - Kender Wizard-Alchemist (Jammie)
Telamar - Half-Drow Ranger-Cleric (Me)
Fjury - Human Fighter-Paladin (Jake)
Master Meatbeard - Human Fighter-Rogue (James)

The sewers were dim and cool, and I might have felt more at home if not for the smell and having to watch my every step. Fortunately, it didn't take long to get out of the sewer pipe and into chambers that felt more like a dungeon and less like a cesspit.

As we continued, looking to make our way up into the city proper, we came across quite a few of the dungeon's denizens. Despite the number of fights, we were actually slowed down most by stuck doors. Perhaps all the door were swollen by the wetness in the sewers, but I question the intelligence of anyone who would put wooden doors in such a damp area. Drow would not make such blunders, so either this complex was built by someone else, or the creatures in the city above are not drow after all.

The more we explored, the more outlandish features we found. One room featured a mosaic of legendary monsters on the floor, while several corridors had graffiti written all over the walls, and one room was decorated with demonic masks.

In our way were plenty of chokers and stirges, an otyogh, and a troll. The kender tried to get their attention with her tried and true battle cry of, "Hellooooooooo, monsters!" I'm not sure that she considers it a battle cry, but I find it hard to imagine any other result from such a shout.

At one point, we barricade ourselves in one of the rooms in order to make camp, and were interrupted by even more chokers as they tried to take us by surprise. Luckily, the kender was alert enough to wake everyone up, and we turned the tables on them.

We will continue to explore these passages until we find a way into the city, or we are forced to try our chances outside the city walls again. Hopefully it will not come to that.

-Telamar of the Veldrin Velve-
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