Friday Link Dump 10/24/14

I can't really claim to have found this one online recently, but an often overlooked source of Magic: The Gathering strategy is I'm a big fan of some of their writers, and I even wrote a few articles for them a few years ago.

I'm not exactly awesome when it comes to map creation, so a program like this one would go a long way toward making my games look better.

A compilation of RPG bloggers on G+? Sounds good to me. As I write this, Outsyder Gaming isn't on the list yet... but I just fired off an email, so hopefully it will be soon. I can't believe it has been there for two years, and I just saw it this week!

Noble Knight has started sending out emails whenever they get rare games in stock, and their last one clued me in to this little gem. If I had the money, I'd scoop this up in a heartbeat. It even comes with miniatures!
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