Alpha Enigma Campaign Log #1, From the Cybernetic Logs of Jane Hatfield

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As has happened quite often lately, I haven't had time to write up a proper campaign log. Luckily, Jammie shared with the rest of the group her character's "Cybernetic Logs," a summary of the session's events from Jane's point of view. With her permission (and a little censorship just in case my students find my blog), here are the events of the first Alpha Enigma session from Jane's point of view:


  • Jane/Iris/Avery/Rose (Jammie) - a smuggler and rogue with multiple personalities
  • Alistare Nameless (Andrew) - a tech-savvy follower of a secretive religious order
  • Joseph Wrenly (Jake) - a man out for revenge, tracking down the man who stole his ship, stole his wife, and kicked his dog
  • Big Julian (Stetson) - an mercenary with a sniper rifle, a survivor's horror story, and a chip on his shoulder

Status Update: 5014.11.6


I've booked us passage on a ship. Alright, "ship" is a charitable word for this pile of rust and rat leavings, but beggars can't be choosers. It's called the Nova Eclipse. The security's a joke and we're rooming with three other people, including a gadget freak and interplanetary super cop Victoria Chamberlain.

Yeah, way to bury the lead, I know. The techie doesn't seem like he'll be a problem, his sort tend to have a fluid relationship with the law anyway. As for the law woman, well, let's just keep our head down.

Our bunk is bottom, first to the right of the dorm door, crew and captain's quarters are out of bounds.

Avery, if you discharge our weapon on this ship for anything less than a bone fide emergency, I will dye our hair neon pink, so help me God.

Status Update: 5014.11.7


Do it, Jane! Please?

Also, yuck. I am going to need a tub of rosewater to get the stench of unwashed man and, what is that? Canned meat? Ugh. Lord Almighty knows the trials I face. He sees and he sympathizes, I know it in my heart. Where's this law lady, anyway? I've been up since six ship time and I haven't seen hide nor hair of her. Speaking of hair, is hers amazing? I bet it is. I bet she's glamorous like nobody's business. Why didn't we become pirate hunters?


We are all very sympathetic to the trials you face, Iris. Make sure to give Rose some face time in the head tomorrow morning so she can process where we are in private. We don't want another Lando Creek meltdown on our hands.

Nobody knows where the cop is. I say a grown woman should be allowed to find a quiet corner by herself, especially one where she's nowhere near us, but the crew is getting itchy so we're spliting up and searching the ship for her. This pain in the *** meathead--Big Julian? Juliard? Let's just call him Julie. He stinks to high Heaven, can't miss him--is going to the top deck to search so I figure this is a good time to poke around engineering. This ship may be a bucket, but it'll be good to get an idea of her capabilities in case of an emergency.

Huh. The engineer seems a little...twitchy.

Oh. Huh. Looks like our law lady friend might have decided to take a walk outside. And the engineer doesn't want to tell the captian. This can only end well.


Don't worry, Shug, I got this. I'll just convince this nice man that we can go togeth--

Welp, he's definitely on the sly. Can't get blood from a turnip.


You SOB. Oh, forgive me, was that uncouth, Jane? Let me rephrase that for you ladies' DELICATE SENSIBILITIES. I would APPRECIATE IT if in the future you would give me some idea of what the is going the **** on when I wake up with a GUN pointed AT OUR HEAD.

Oh, I see it now. Why do you got to use so many words to say simple stuff? Gun in face? Emergency. Simple.

So I'm guessing this is the captain? He and a bunch of other people just ran in. I still oughta shoot him.

Pink hair, huh?


I'm pretty sure Iris is itching to try out matching finger and toenails, too. Good choice on lowering the gun. Remind me to pick you up a present when we get back in port.

So the airlock deployed last night when the engineer was on shift. He swears it wasn't him, and Victoria is definitely no longer on board. Everyone's antsy, but we dock tomorrow at some backsystem asteroid mine. We might not find answers there, but it'll be good to get off this ship for a few hours. There's something not right here.

Status Update: 5014.11.8



Omigosh. Ohmigosh. Ohmigosh.

We're going to die. Oh no. Oh my.

Should a ship have this much rust? This can't be spaceworthy. I think I just heard a creak. What if the hull breaches?

I don't see why you keep bringing up Lando Creek. That was a long time ago and I feel I've grown as a perso--

OH MY GOD THERE WAS ANOTHER ONE! We're going to die.


Good God Almighty, Rose. Why don't you just rub our face with sandpaper next time? I can't imagine it being any more red and blotchy if you did.

Oh great, now there's somebody trying to get in. You have left me no time to fix this mess, you big baby. I need a hot towel and hair brush, stat.

Why doesn't this heap have an adequate number of bathrooms?!


That's right, Iris, you just focus on the big problems. Meanwhile, it looks like someone jettisoned the engineer last night. I can't say he'll be missed, but I don't particularly want to be next. I was with Alistare--the techie--when he "accidentally" accessed the ship's records to find out when the airlock was accessed. 2:30 Ship time, each time. I'll be happy to get on that asteroid.


...Or maybe not. Something's up. It looks like the mine might have been attacked. The captain is sending me, Alistare, that meathead Julie, and the other passenger, a quiet cowboy type called Joseph down to check it out. Did I happen to mention I got the ticket cheap by promising a bit of muscle if needed? Yeah...maybe I should've spent the extra credits.

We're taking a shuttle down to the surface. The mission is to find out what happened, find the captain's cargo... oh, and also his brother. They must not be a close family.


This place is a war zone. Definite gun fights, traces of on edge, people. We're trying to find a security badge to get through these fire doors.


This place is crawling with Orks. The first group was dispatched easily enough--well, Joseph was hit, but he seems sturdy enough--but there's definitely more. We found a security card, so we're making out way to the control room. Just got to keep it together.


ORKS! This place is crawling with Orks! How do I get out? How do I get out?!


Oh **** yes. You should'a seen the way that Ork's head flew clean off. Thanks for running away, Rosie. All the others got the first shots at the Orks. There ain't hardly any left. On the other hand... You just gave me a little thing I like to call an ENTRANCE. It's my time to shine.





Don't worry, it's over. Well, for now. Good job, Avery. Doesn't look like the Orks left much by way of cargo or survivors so far, though.


When you buy my present, I want a girly magazine.
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