Alpha Enigma Campaign Log #2: Escaping the Asteroid Mine

The ship detailed here is based on this one
in the Maps of Mastery line.
When we last left off, our heroes were investigating an asteroid mining complex that had been attacked by orks. Their mission was to recover the ore the Nova Eclipse was supposed to pick up, and rescue the captain's brother if he was still alive.

  • Jane/Iris/Avery/Rose (Jammie) - a smuggler and rogue with multiple personalities
  • Alistare Nameless (Andrew) - a tech-savvy follower of a secretive religious order
  • Joseph Wrenly (Jake) - a man out for revenge, tracking down the man who stole his ship, stole his wife, and kicked his dog
  • Julian (Stetson) - an mercenary with a sniper rifle, a survivor's horror story, and a chip on his shoulder
The group continued exploring, and managed to rescue a maintenance worker who had barricaded himself in a room. He was grateful to see humans again, but not completely trusting, and he was right to be nervous. Julian decided that keeping the man around wasn't worth the effort or the risk, and shot him. The shot didn't penetrate the armor that the worker had taken from the barracks and strapped on haphazardly, but it sparked a scuffle in the group. After a few moments of infighting, Julian found himself unconscious and without any weapons. Jane dropped off the would-be murderer's rifle and knife elsewhere before he woke up, and Julian ended up taking the maintenance worker's old slug thrower for the remainder of the mission.

They continued exploring, eventually finding and killing the ork leader, and venturing into the mine shafts themselves. Not far into the mines, they found the ore they had been searching for atop a broken hover-palette. Alistare was able to get it back online, though, and the first step of their mission was complete.

Farther down the passage, they stumbled onto the body of the captain's brother. He had not survived, but it didn't look like he had been killed by orks. Joseph threw the man's body over his shoulder to carry him back to the ship, but they would find his killer on the way back to the complex, a giant vaguely humanoid creature made of stone. It pummeled Alistare into unconsciousness, but Jane got the drop on the creature by jumping up onto it and shooting as she climbed. It didn't take long for the creature to fall.

Back on the ship, Julian managed to convince the captain not to blow him out the airlock for his actions on the asteroid, but the captain's decision wouldn't matter for too long. Later that night, the captain was shot in his own bedroom, and nobody saw the killer. Unlike the last few crew members who went missing, this time there was a body, and after a thorough investigation, it seemed the party was convinced that the killer was using the ventilation shafts to move through the ship undetected.

Just in case an unknown passenger might be hiding there, the group decided to release the rat drakes into the vents to flush out any unwanted stowaways... but the execution of that plan will have to wait until next time.
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