Thankful for Gamer Friends

I've been known to post holiday themed content from time to time, but it isn't usually my thing. However, "my thing" or not, I feel the need to show my thankfulness publicly today, because this year has been awesome for me as a gamer. Let me explain why...

I started playing D&D with my dad when I was six, and as I grew up, I continued to play RPGs with family. The occasional friend joined in, but I have logged more hours of roleplaying with family members than any other demographic. However, over the last few years, my family has just stopped playing. My brother will argue that he still plays computer RPGs, but let's be honest. Computer games don't count, despite how much overlap there may be. 

After months of fruitless attempts to organize another game night with my old group, I decided to quit bugging people who were clearly no longer able and/or interested in playing. People get married. People have kids. Work keeps you busy. Priorities change. Life goes on. I understand.

What followed was a search for gamers in the area, and I started a Pathfinder campaign with just two players. Since then, the group has grown and evolved into what it is today: five of us who meet every week to get our geek on. That original campaign is still going, and we've added several more to the mix, but no matter what the game of the week is, I know that every Thursday I can look forward to spending the afternoon with good people having an awesome time.

I am truly grateful. Thanks, guys.
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