The Nova Eclipse

The ship detailed here is based on this one
in the Maps of Mastery line.
Paragon class transports are often used to move goods from colony to colony in Alpha Enigma. Their design has since become rather outdated, and paragon class transports are no longer in production. Despite this, paragons have a reputation for being rugged and dependable, and are still used by plenty of organizations and independent contractors.

The Nova Eclipse is one such vessel, with an aging captain who has somehow managed to survive many a dangerous job through a combination of daredevil stunts and dumb luck. The jobs he prefers are often risky and occasionally illegal, but always high profit. He would likely be a millionaire if not for his habit of spending money as soon as he gets it. His "crew" is constantly in flux, as not many are willing to stay (or able to survive) in such a stressful and dangerous work environment for long stretches of time.

Medium Starship: Size 8, Acc/TS 55/700, Climb 2, Toughness 25 (6), Crew 5, Cost $8.24M, Remaining Mods 8
Notes: Anti-Missile Countermeasures, Atmospheric, Crew Space (12), Garage/Hangar, Planetary Sensor Suite, Speed x2
Weapons: Light Missile Launcher and Medium Laser on on turret, Twin-linked Light Lasers on the other turret

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