Worldport, The Planar Hub

The Tomb is a planet-sized megalopolis, a world that is covered from coast to coast on every continent with post-apocalyptic ruins. Abandoned by the ancients thousands of years ago, The Tomb once supported billions of inhabitants but is now sparsely populated. Landscapes filled with abandoned structures stretch from coast to coast on every continent. Dimensional portals rip through space and time, sometimes to snatch The Tomb's unlucky inhabitants from where they stand, and sometimes to drop off bewildered immigrants from across the planes.

One place stands out in contrast among the savage ruins, a city called Worldport. Here, nobody fears the dimensional portals, because they never open within the city. Here, elves in the arcane college study the dimensional portals in hopes of someday harnessing their power. Here, refugees from any solar system, any time, and any dimension are welcomed as long as they can survive long enough in the ruins to reach the city gates.

Because so few people who ever come to The Tomb ever venture any farther than Worldport, many in Alpha Enigma have come to refer to the entire planet as Worldport even though the city occupies only a tiny percentage of the planet's surface area.

The Tomb, and Worldport
Gravity: Normal
Atmosphere: Normal
The Tomb is very similar to Earth in terms of size and composition.
Dominant Terrain: Artificial
Although much of the planet is now overgrown with plant life, the plants have had to adapt to the urbanized landscape that the ancients created.
Population Density: Very Sparse / Dense
In Worldport, the population is quite dense. People of many different races compete for living space in the only area of the planet that is safe from the dimensional portals. Beyond the gates of Worldport, the population is very sparse, as almost nobody chooses to live there, and the life expectancy of those who do wind up there is quite short.
Dominant Government: Magocracy
Worldport is ruled by a cabal of elven spellcasters whose only real concern seems to be their research.
Dominant Law: Lenient
The mages who rule Worldport don't really care what happens in the city, as long as their research isn't interrupted. Thus, the farther away from their tower one is, the more lawless the city seems.
Technology Level: Significantly Higher Than Average
Between the technology of the elves (which is more advanced than humans) and the salvaged technology of the ancients (which is beyond even the elves' understanding), Worldport is the source of Alpha Enigma's most advanced tech.
Spaceport: Large
As a major hub for technology and magic, Worldport's spaceport has to be equipped for visitors from all over Alpha Enigma and beyond.

Elves 25%
Humans 20%
Orks 10%
Other* 45%

*Hundreds (perhaps thousands) of intelligent races call Worldport home. However, none other than the elves, humans, and orks make up more than half a percent of the city's population. In fact, some number fewer than a dozen individuals. None of these races are native to Alpha Enigma, and none have established more than a foothold in Worldport.
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