2015 Gaming Resolutions

Every year, I make some gaming resolutions. Every year, I review the ones from last year. This year, because my plans for 2014 changed so drastically, I'm going to be a little more lenient on myself. Several of last year's resolutions assumed that I would be moving to Seattle, but that didn't work out. I was working a job that was really tough on me at the time, and when I was offered a new (and infinitely better) position, the urgency to move across the country subsided. I still hope to get there someday, but I'll be alright working with kids a while longer. In any case, I'm getting off topic, so let's get back to the matter at hand... resolutions. From 2014, we had...
  1. Host one big game night before I move to the Seattle area. I never got the whole group back together, but I think I shot myself in the foot writing a resolution that depended on the actions of others. I did start playing Warhammer again with one of the guys, and I think that's about as close to getting the group back together (even for a one-shot) as I'll ever get. I'm giving myself credit for this one anyway.
  2. Finish Bastion: Infiltrator. I haven't gotten back to Bastion, but I will someday. I certainly can't give myself credit for this one.
  3. Start (or join) a gaming group after the move. I never moved, but I did start a new gaming group. They're just as (if not more) awesome than my old group, and I'm grateful that they're around. The location is wrong, but the spirit of this goal was fulfilled.
  4. Publish something! I totally failed this one. I have written more, but most of it has been for this blog rather than anything that I could have put in print. I guess I could count that as partially fulfilling the goal, but that kind of feels like cheating.
Overall, that gives me a 2/4... 50% pass rate. That's still not great, but it's better than the measly 0.5/3 (17%) that I got last year. This year, I'm going to work harder to do better than 50%. Let's look at this year's list.

  1. Bring my Underdark Campaign to a satisfying conclusion. I've never successfully brought a campaign to a close before. In the past, my campaigns have always ended with either a TPK, or a break that lasted long enough that the group lost interest. This time the group is still interested, but I've gotten too busy to keep up with running a higher level Pathfinder campaign. I need to switch to something that's a little more rules-lite... and I'm leaning toward Savage Worlds. However, I don't want to leave the group hanging, so I'm going to push through to a climactic ending, probably sometime in February.
  2. Publish Something! I'm going to keep this on the resolution list until I actually complete it, even if it takes forever.
  3. Increase interaction on this blog. I have a fair amount of traffic, but I don't have many regular readers. I want to interact more with you, so in 2015 I want to increase the number of comments here. While that might sound like I'm shooting myself in the foot again by writing a resolution that depends on the actions of others, I haven't done enough to facilitate conversation on the blog.
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