2016 Gaming Resolutions

Wow, 2015 flew by... and it has been a long time since I've posted. I think it's time to begin again, and my annual gaming resolutions post seems like a perfect place to get started. Every year, I review my gaming resolutions from the previous year, and write some new ones. In 2015, I planned to:
  1. Bring my Underdark Campaign to a satisfying conclusion. We did end the campaign with an epic climax, although due to scheduling issues, we had to skip several game nights and cover way too much in just a handful of sessions. It was an abbreviated version of the ending I envisioned, so I don't know if I can call it satisfying, but at least we didn't end the campaign on a cliffhanger or a TPK, as many of my previous campaigns have ended. 
  2. Publish Something! Nope. Didn't happen. I fell into my usual writing ADHD. I get excited about an idea, start writing, and then drop it when another idea hits me.
  3. Increase interaction on this blog. I missed on this one, mainly because I wrote less in 2015 than I did any other year since I started blogging. 
Pretty pathetic... one of three, and even that one with a caveat. This year, I have some very different goals in mind.
  1. Create a new man cave. When I moved to Vancouver last August, I gave up my man cave to live in a one bedroom apartment... trying to save money and all that. One of the hardest parts of the move was giving up my gaming space, and with a new house in the near future with enough room for a new man cave, I'm looking forward to having it again.
  2. Write one meaningful post per month. In 2015, I posted very little, and much of what I did post was just fluff. This year, I want to generate more authentic content.
  3. Complete a writing project! Even if I don't manage to get it published, I need to finish a manuscript. At this point, I haven't even approached a publisher because I don't have a finished rough draft, much less something worth publishing. This year, I want to finish something - even if it doesn't get anywhere with publishers.
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