Savage Rifts Release Date?

At one point, I remember reading that the book would release before the holidays in 2015. Then I saw an estimate of first quarter 2016. With the first quarter almost over, I'm hoping to see a release date posted very soon. Unfortunately, this is the closest thing I've seen:

Yeah, that's from Kev's weekly message on 3/24, and it's not exactly a release date. It does use "final approval" language, though, which leads me to believe that a release date is on the horizon, though. Until then, we can keep being patient... or we can start figuring out what we intend to do with the book when it comes out.

Personally, I'd like to write and share a plot point campaign. I've always found the "Hook, Line, & Sinker" format of Rifts adventures a little too short, and their more fleshed out adventures far too difficult to match to a given party's strength. However, since Savage Rifts is supposed to keep power levels among players a little more even*, I think it'll be fun to write something up for Savage Rifts.

The topic of the campaign? Probably something traditional, but with a hidden twist. I'm thinking something along the lines of mercenaries that run afoul of the Coalition States. That's about as cliche to a Rifts campaign as "you all meet in a tavern" is to a D&D campaign, but it's familiar and it works. Then I'll have to work on something a little different. Maybe the ruins of Tolkein have attracted one of the Dark Covens from the United Worlds of Warlock? Hmmmmm...

There are so many possibilities, and the world of Rifts is so zany and ridiculous that it'll be tough to be original... but it'll definitely be fun!

*Based on this interview. Note that I'm also super excited that they stuck to the traditional "Heavy" mechanic for mega damage. The idea was basically already in the SW rules, and I'm glad they didn't try to adhere to Palladium's idea of mega damage instead of just using a simple mechanic that already existed.
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