Rifts for Savage Worlds is Finally on Kickstarter!

Yep, it has finally arrived. I know I'm a few days behind in sharing the news, but I still wanted to get it out there.

Alright, so now that Palladium Books has broken into a more modern field of the gaming world, how about they push just one more step and team up with Wiz Kids for some prepainted plastic miniatures. If we're going to play Savage Rifts the right way, we're going to need hordes of Coalition grunts. Am I right?

Rifts for Savage Worlds Kickstarter

Okay, so it isn't the release date we've been hoping for, but it's the closest we're getting at the moment. We will finally get a chance to get in on the action... get in our pre-orders, see some previews, etc.


So on April 26th, make sure you check to see what is revealed in the Kickstarter. I'm curious to see what the pledge rewards and stretch goals are going to be, as I haven't participated in a Savage Worlds Kickstarter before.

I certainly have my hopes up for this one... so don't let me down, Pinnacle!

Friday Link Dump 4/1/16

Shadows Over Innistrad is just a week away, and if you haven't checked out the spoiler, you are way behind. This set looks to be amazing!

If there is a little adventurer in your life, and you just can't wait to get them just as hooked on RPGs as you are, you might want to snap up a copy of The ABCs of RPGs when it becomes available. It's too late to support the kickstarter, but definitely worth keeping an eye on.

If you haven't experienced Marvel Legendary yet, you should go out and give it a shot. And if you're like me and you can't wait for Captain America Civil War, you might want to snatch up the 75th Anniversary Captain America expansion for Marvel Legendary. 
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