Finding the Balance Between Gaming and Real Life

When I was younger and had much more free time than I have now, gaming took up a significant amount of time in my life. Sure, I had other interests and commitments, but if I wanted to host Pathfinder on Thursday, play Friday Night Magic on Friday, travel to an SCG Super Invitational Qualifier on Saturday, and play another SCG Super IQ on Sunday... well, I could.

I don't really have that luxury anymore... at least not until my daughter is old enough to play games with dad, and then who knows if the games we end up playing will even be the ones that I love now? Until then, I just don't see myself having the time to game like I used to... but I have no intention of stopping altogether. I just need to scale back my gaming to a more realistic pace.

Luckily, my wife is really supportive of my hobbies. She knows I am rejuvenated by a healthy dose of gaming, so she encourages me to go out and roll dice or turn cards sideways. She's the best, but even she can't keep up with the amount of money and the amount of time that I would need in order to immerse myself in all the games that I love.
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