Warhammer at the Thrift Shop

My wife is a thrifting junkie. She gets a real thrill from going to the thrift shop and finding something really expensive for just a few dollars. While the idea of it sounds cool, and I go with her from time to time, I rarely buy anything. There is a limit to the amount of excitement the good deals on clothes can generate for me, and the bar is pretty low. Most thrift shops have a section for books and a section for board games, though, so there's always that slim chance that I'll find something worth my time. This time it was a box of Warhammer miniatures for $3.99.

Compare the thrift shop price to the price of dark elf warriors on Amazon.

Now that is a ridiculously good deal, even for a kit that is out of print. Sure, the box was beat to crap, but the only thing missing from the kit was the bases. I've heard that the new Age of Sigmar rules don't require square bases and unit formations and I'd rather have round bases anyway, but I'll do more research before I start assembling anything. I've never actually played Warhammer Fantasy Battles... but this surprisingly cheap thrift shop find might inspire me to put together a tiny little army. 
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