Solving the Expensive Rulebook & Codex Problem

I'm wondering how possible it would be to play Warhammer 40K without a codex or a rulebook. I played rather frequently back in 5th edition, and the core mechanics of the game haven't changed, so basically I just need to know a few of the fiddly bits (like the new psychic phase) and how all the various keywords (like Feel No Pain) work nowadays. I think I can manage this with two tools, both of which are free:
I haven't actually used this in practice, but it appears that just about everything I need to play is contained in those two sources.

I've actually already purchased a copy of the main codex I'll be using, but as much as I like the idea of allied detachments, I refuse to spend money on an extra codex for just a handful of miniatures. I'll just fill in the missing points with models from the primary codex and be done with it.

As for the rules, most shops have a copy on hand that you can consult if necessary... but it sure would be nice to have rules that are entirely free (as in the reference sheet above, or if Games Workshop decides to move 40K in the same direction it took Warhammer Fantasy when they released Age of Sigmar).

Don't worry, Games Workshop. You're not losing any money if I don't pay for the rules. I'll just be purchasing more kits and fewer books... in fact, you'll likely make more money from me long-term. I quit playing when 6th edition came out because I didn't want to spend so much money on a new set of rules. Sure, I'm coming back now, but think about how many miniatures I would have purchased over the last four years if a new $50+ rulebook hadn't made me throw my hands up in disgust!

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