Smelly Boot Shenanigans

My first full adventure just went live on DriveThruRPG, and I'm curious to see how it will do. As my first adventure, I like to think I have high hopes tempered with realistic expectations. Here's the description:

In a small town called Brimburg, townsfolk have been disappearing for about a month in groups of two. The town doesn’t have a standing guard, and those few who have taken it on themselves to investigate haven’t turned up many clues. A few miles upriver, a clan of goblins is being bullied into kidnapping people. Our heroes must deal not only with the goblin kidnappers, but the more frightening forces manipulating them.

In Smelly Boot Shenanigans, heroes will come into contact with this tribe of goblins, and decide whether they deserve enough pity to pardon them from their involvement in a string of recent kidnappings. The Smelly Boot Clan is meant to be a humorous depiction of goblin culture, complete with laughable characters and a dash of middle school potty humor.

Smelly Boot Shenanigans is a location-based adventure for low level PCs. It can be played as a one-shot adventure or as the first in a series of adventures to be published by Outsyder Gaming. This adventure makes reference to a town named Brimburg, another product to be published by Outsyder Gaming. This adventure details the caves that the Smelly Boot Clan calls home. This location can be dropped into any campaign, although its inhabitants are unlikely to pose a threat to experienced adventurers regardless of system.

It's a system-neutral adventure, but I may release crunchy bits later on... likely after more play-testing. I do have several other projects in the works, though, so if people like it enough as-is, I might just let it stand as a system-neutral and focus on other upcoming releases.

Check it out here.
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