Dude, Where You Been?

Yeah, I've been gone a while. I've barely written here this year, with only a handful of posts since 2017 began. I'm back, though, and the last quarter of 2017 is shaping up to be pretty exciting. There are some sweet projects in the works here at Outsyder Gaming, and I want to let you in on what's going on right now, as well as what's coming soon.

The Current Goings-On - Streaming, Magic: The Gathering, D&D
Most of the gaming I've done lately has revolved around Twitch, a website for streaming video games live. I fill my free time with these games on a regular basis anyway, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try this streaming thing out. I didn't have very high expectations, but it has been a blast! I'm playing the same games I'd be playing anyway, but now I get to interact with the Twitch community, and the people have been great. Nowadays I stream twice a week: Friday nights at 6:00 pm PST and Sunday mornings at 6:00 am PST. Sunday mornings I'm always playing Magic: The Gathering Online, and Friday nights alternate between MTGO and Dungeons & Dragons.

For Magic, I'm trying to get back into the competitive scene. I enjoy competitive Magic, but it has been a long time since I've had the time to sink into playtesting, much less the money to keep up with fast-moving formats like standard. Time is still hard to find, but the money has been less of an issue since I discovered Mana Traders, an online service that lets you rent cards. Now I can play just about any format I want online for a relatively minimal investment. Even better, they just launched a new service that lets you rent paper cards as well - something I've been really reluctant to try, but that I'll probably give a shot next month for GP Portland.

The D&D campaign I'm running is with a couple of players from my old group in North Carolina. It's cool to get to hang out with them again, especially since they're 2,000 miles away now, and I haven't found a stable group in the Portland area that I meshed well with. We're currently playing on Roll20.net, and I'm running Smelly Boot Shenanigans, an adventure I published on DriveThruRPG a while back. At some point in the next few months, we'll probably move on to something else, as our play is outpacing my writing.

Check out my Twitch channel here.

What's Coming Soon - A New Adventure and a 24-Hour Stream
So far I've self-published two works on DriveThruRPG, the aforementioned Smelly Boot Shenanigans (a low-level adventure), and Brimburg (a small town, potential home base for PCs). The next installment, Ruins of Grimhammer Hall, is an adventure location that is tied to the previous two products, but could easily be run as a stand-alone adventure site. One of the most exciting things about Ruins of Grimhammer Hall is the opportunity to work with my buddy Jake. His artwork has graced this blog before (here, for example), and he'll be doing the vast majority of the interior art for the adventure. He's already sent some amazing pieces my way, and I'm excited to see what else he's got in the works.

Not too long after I started streaming, I said I'd celebrate hitting 50 followers (and achieving affiliate status) with a 24-hour stream. Unfortunately, about the time I hit the milestone, I my laptop started acting funny, and I began to doubt that it would survive 24 hours of gaming. Long story short, I sold a bunch of Magic cards and used the profit to purchase a new computer, so now I can actually get that celebration stream scheduled. We'll have lots of Magic, hopefully some D&D, some giveaways, and more. Details coming soon!

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