24-Hour Stream Complete

Well, it happened. I don't know if it was a huge success, but I can at least say that I completed the challenge.

Highlights (a.k.a. What went well...)

  • I managed to get in a lot of games with Black-Green Energy, a deck that I was planning to play next weekend at GP Portland. After a morning of fairly rotten results, I decided to switch over to a less synergistic, but more powerful deck. 
  • The new deck that I picked up seems sweet, and it's one that I'll enjoy playing next week even if I don't play particularly well. I'm not sharing my exact decklist yet, but I will say that it's based on this list.
  • 13 new viewers started following my channel, which is far lower than what I'd hoped for, but not far off from what I expected. That pushed the channel over the 100 followers mark, and we'll do another 24 hour stream when we hit 200!
  • Soda Dungeon is the perfect game to run during breaks. I tried not to take a break for longer than 10 minutes, although I think one of them went to 15. Soda Dungeon can run automatically so that viewers don't see an empty screen, and it isn't brainpower-intensive.
  • Physically, this wasn't as big of a challenge as I expected it to be. I haven't pulled an all-nighter in years, and I was worried that I would be falling asleep on my keyboard. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good throughout the majority of the stream. Only the last hour or so was tough.

Room for Improvement (a.k.a. What didn't go well...)
  • I intended to play D&D as usual on Friday night, but my communication skills broke down with my group. At one point, a few weeks ago, I mentioned playing on Saturday instead of Friday because of the stream... but I also mentioned playing on 11/10 (the correct date). Somehow, in my head, I thought I had shared the correct information... but looking back at old messages, I was about as clear as mud, and my group wasn't ready to play at the usual time. OOPS! Next time, I need to communicate more clearly.
  • I switched over to Skyrim in between games of Magic, and the game glitched - not giving me the soul from the dragon outside of Whiterun (which, in turn, means that the main storyline doesn't advance). I quickly googled a workaround, used a console command to "fix" the problem, but just couldn't force myself to keep playing after that irritation - especially since Skyrim was the backup game. Next time I need several backup games instead of just one.
  • I... ummmm... need to stop saying, "ummm." One of my viewers pointed it out early on, and I challenged myself to be better. I'm not as bad with it while I'm commenting on game play (although I'm guilty there too), but when I switch over to talk about what's happening with future events on stream, or what games are coming up, or whatever... let's just say I get bad
  • The last hour was pretty miserable. I zoned out some, at one point I googled something, went down a rabbit-hole of reading articles, and totally forgot I was streaming. 
Despite some setbacks, the event was fun. I was definitely ready to crash by the end, but I'm looking forward to pulling this off again. The next time will be at the 200 follower mark! If you want to join in on the fun, and speed up the timeline for our next 24-hour stream, head on over to twitch.tv/theoutsyder83 and click "Follow!"

24+ hours of streaming... never thought I'd pull that off!

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